Monday, 30 September 2013

Airin Plain

Looking for plain shawl? 

Looking for a long and wide shawl? 

Looking for all of the above with reasonable price? 

We might have the solution! 

Introducing, our very own Airin Plain shawl..

Material : High quality soft thick chiffon (less transparent)

Measurement : 200 cm x 54 cm (approx.)

Design : curve end cut at both sides with soft curly finish

Price : Only RM17 per piece (excluding postage)

Color : Soft Blue

Color : Cranberry

Color : Black

Color : Minced Onion

Color : Violet

Color : Red hot chilly

Color : Purple Blue

Color : Sweet pink

Color : Grey

Color : Shrimp

Color : Dark Brown

Interested?? Drop your order now.. 

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Cuba dulu, InsyaAllah puas hati... :)